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September 29th Photo #22
View of the Quarterdeck and its newly installed awning
September 29th Photo #23
Looking forward from the Quarterdeck, note volunteer working on brass on deck
September 29th Photo #24
My favorite view of the ole girl, she's looking good!
September 29th Photo #25
View looking forward from main deck on port side.  Note shells on cradle,
they aren't dummies made of fiberglass either, they are heavy steel shells
September 29th Photo #26
Port side looking aft past Wardroom entrance
September 29th Photo #27
O1 Looking forward past Turret #2, now that's a replica shell on that cradle
September 29th Photo #28
O1 looking aft at 5" mounts 52 & 54
September 29th Photo #29
Shot taken from Port side aft looking forward toward 5" Mount 56.
September 29th Photo #30
Shot taken from Port side aft looking up at missile deck.
Note POW-MIA flag flying from the ships mast, as always.
September 29th Photo #31
Close-up shot of Turret #3 and Helicopter Control Tower.
September 29th Photo #32
Shot of Starboard side showing ships ribbons and decorations
September 29th Photo #33
One of the murals in the ships interactive visitors area onboard.
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