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September 29th Photo #9
Inside rear bulkhead of Turret #1
September 29th Photo #10
Dummy shell ready to be rammed into "Repeat", the middle gun in Turret #1. 
The guns in that Turret #1 are named Pete, Repeat and Ditto.  It was from
 here that I began my descent to the powder rooms five decks below.
September 29th Photo #11
In the Pit directly below Repeat.  Each time the gun fires it recoils 
40 inches rolling on the rail seen on the right of the picture.  The
large corkscrew on the left moves the gun barrel up and down.
September 29th Photo #12
Shell hoist on one of the two shell decks below the turret
September 29th Photo #13
View of the carousel on one of the shell decks,
shells were stored along the walls of the barbarette
September 29th Photo #14
Powder Hoist, Turret #2 Center Gun, lots of brass
down here too, 5 decks below the gun rooms
September 29th Photo #15
Chutes where powder arrives to be put into the hoists.
Note Immersion tank along bulkhead in the background
September 29th Photo #16
More Powder Chutes and hatch to deck 6 below
September 29th Photo #17
Are these real Powder bags hanging around the
outside walls of Turret #2?  That's what they look like,
I'm going to investigate further next time I'm onboard.
September 29th Photo #18
Powder Hoist and brass chutes in Powder Magazine beneath Turret #2
September 29th Photo #19
More brass chutes leading to Powder Doors seen in earlier pictures above
September 29th Photo #20
More Brass chutes to move powder bags to hoists, guess they used
 brass for these chutes to avoid the danger of sparks in the magazine areas.
September 29th Photo #21
One more shot inside Powder Magazine for Turret #2
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