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September 15th Photo #27
O1 Starboard side below the bridge looking aft towards Mounts 51 & 53.
September 15th Photo #28
Signal Bridge and Flag Locker on Starboard Side looking aft.
September 15th Photo #29
Signal Bridge and Flag Locker on Port Side looking forward.
September 15th Photo #30
Another shot of the Control Station on O5 in front of Fire Control.
This is one of the places I've worked recently stripping paint from
 some of these instruments and polishing and replacing them.
September 15th Photo #31
View of Flying Bridge with Tarp installed.  Also note
the freshly painted and newly installed Ships Whistle.
September 15th Photo #32
Here is the handle to blow the whistle on the Flying Bridge.
I was tempted to give it a pull, but decided not too...
September 15th Photo #33
Shell Hoist below 5" Mount (53)
September 15th Photo #34
16" Demonstration Shell on Cradle outside Turret #2
September 15th Photo #35
Bristling with antennas and new Phalanx Guns she looks ready for action!
September 15th Photo #36
Shell Deck below Turret #3.  They call this area the carousel
because the inside circles rotate when the Turret traverses.
September 15th Photo #37
Shell Hoist for one of the Guns in Turret #3
September 15th Photo #38
Close up view of one of the Shell Hoists
September 15th Photo #39
Close up view of forward Phalanx Gun System on Starboard Side.
September 15th Photo #40
View as I departed of the superstructure and Mount 51, Damn she's looking good!!!
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