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September 15th Photo #17
Main Fire Control located on O5 above the Main Bridge.  This area is
a fortress and today was the first time I was able to get inside there.
September 15th Photo #18
Triggers for Main Guns inside Main Fire Control.
September 15th Photo #19
More Triggers and Periscope inside Man Fire Control.
September 15th Photo #20
View of rear bulkhead inside Main Fire Control.  
Hatch to exit onto O5 level is in center of picture.
September 15th Photo #21
One of two operational radar units on Main Bridge level. 
Visitors to the ship will love seeing this kind of stuff! 
September 15th Photo #22
The ships distinctive HF Discage broadband antenna was reinstalled on
the bow by volunteers from the ships Radio Club, great job guys!
September 15th Photo #23
The awning has been installed on the Flying Bridge, this area
has come a long way from what it looked like 6 months ago!
September 15th Photo #24
Look at the ships compass, my hats off to those responsible 
for cleaning up and restoring this area, it was a tall order for sure!
September 15th Photo #25
The second ships bell, mounted below the 
Flying Bridge, freshly painted and detailed.
September 15th Photo #26
Looking aft from where the compass is at the freshly painted rear stack.
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