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August 18th Photo #8
With the entire superstructure now sporting a new coat of paint she's 
looking better than ever.  Hard to believe the change from 6 months ago.
August 18th Photo #9
Ships Control Station on O5, directly in front of Fire Control.
Since this area is a stop on the proposed Tour Route we spent
much of today removing and polishing Brass items in this area.
August 18th Photo #10
Another view of the Control Station from on top of Fire Control.
August 18th Photo #11
Two volunteers taking charge and
shouting orders in the Coning Tower.
August 18th Photo #12
The view forward from O5 in front of Fire 
Control.  The Turrets look great freshly painted!
August 18th Photo #13
Close up view of new newly installed Phalanx
Gun System forward on the Port side.
August 18th Photo #14
A unique perspective of Big J,
still missing an anchor though.
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Line Drawing of Big J

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