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August 7th Photo #24
The Flying Bridge has been painted and is looking good!
August 7th Photo #25
Close-up of Control Console outside on Flying Bridge
August 7th Photo #26
Inside the Flying Bridge, Level O8.
Note red light glowing on bulkhead
August 7th Photo #27
Picture looking other way inside Flying Bridge.
August 7th Photo #28
Looking forward from Flying Bridge. Note
contractor painting deck above bridge area.
August 7th Photo #29
View at O11 level looking back over
forward stack to two aft Phalanx mounts.
August 7th Photo #30
Looking out Battleport from inside Armored Conning Tower on
Bridge.  Tags on alarms over Battleport read: Collision Alarm
(Yellow) Chemical Alarm (Green) and General Alarm (Red).
August 7th Photo #31
Sign on the Stateroom door reads: Fleet Admiral William
F. Halsey, Jr.  Located on O2 level, entrance to Combat
 Engagement Center is via door visible outside stateroom.
August 7th Photo #32
Entrance to Combat Engagement Center on O2 Level
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