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August 7th Photo #15
Helicopter Control Tower above Turret #3.
August 7th Photo #16
Another view inside Helicopter Control Tower.
August 7th Photo #17
A pair of 16" projectiles sitting in a makeshift crate on deck.
August 7th Photo #18
Over 50 5" projectiles crated up and sitting on deck.
August 7th Photo #19
Upper section of ships mast still sitting on deck with
 workers trying to move the anchor in the background.
August 7th Photo #20
The ropes that we had hung on the rails during
a previous volunteer day have now been taken
down and put back on deck so the rails could be
painted.  The finished areas of the deck look great.
August 7th Photo #21
My job for the morning painting the hatch
and opening on Mount #56, looking good!
August 7th Photo #22
Inside Mount #56, clean and ready for inspection!
August 7th Photo #23
A great model of Big J that was parked outside when I arrived.
I'm not sure where it went, but it was gone later in the day.
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Line Drawing of Big J

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