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July 24th Photo #27
Control Console on the inside of the Flying Bridge, Level O8 I think
July 24th Photo #28
Level O11 almost to the top of the world, interesting place for sure!
July 24th Photo #29
Hatchway out to deck at O11, note the
 fresh coat of paint, looks great up this high!
July 24th Photo #30
Looking up from O11 to the top of the
 Superstructure, looks great freshly painted!
July 24th Photo #31
The view forward from O11, Awesome!!
Note freshly painted Conning Tower in picture
July 24th Photo #32
View down the Port side sporting a fresh coat of paint.  Note
contractor applying black paint to the top of stack number 1
July 24th Photo #33
Freshly painted Flying Bridge and Superstructure look great!
July 24th Photo #34
Another shot of freshly painted areas
July 24th Photo #35
OK, just one more, things are
definitely starting to look up!
July 24th Photo #36
Picture inside of the ship's Sick Bay
July 24th Photo #37
Motors to haul up anchor chains, way forward in bow of the ship
July 24th Photo #38
Sailor Art in crew area commemorating the ships last deployment
July 24th Photo #39
Sailor Art on the ceiling of one of the 5" Mounts
July 24th Photo #40
More Sailor Art on the ceiling of another 5" Mount
July 24th Photo #41
Gunners Station in 5" Mount.  Note that the 5" guns
are fired from within the mount, the trigger is the right
 handle on the brass wheels directly in front of the gunner
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