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July 24th Photo #14
Shortly before lunch one of the volunteers working below was overcome by
heat and had to be attended to by paramedics.  Later I heard that he had
actually had a heart attack and was hospitalized.  He was one of the guys
I had been hanging ropes with earlier in the morning.  Hope he is doing ok
July 24th Photo #15
A picture of the paramedics in action aiding the stricken volunteer
July 24th Photo #16
Top section of Ships Mast repainted and ready to be remounted on the ship
July 24th Photo #17
A dedicated volunteer chipping paint on the ships superstructure
July 24th Photo #18
Rear stack sandblasted and getting ready to be painted
July 24th Photo #19
A contractor working onboard.  Former crewman on the USS Knox
July 24th Photo #20
Can you tell the difference in the ship from the Bridge level on up?
Those areas are all freshly painted.  There are some close-up shots
of those areas later on, she is starting to shape up fellas!
July 24th Photo #21
The POW-MIA Flag flies every day onboard Big J
Missing but not Forgotten!
July 24th Photo #22
Newly arrived ships launch, needs some TLC!
July 24th Photo #23
Another shot of the launch
July 24th Photo #24
Volunteers working on getting the launch ship shape.  Note fire
 equipment on site to transport injured volunteer to the hospital
July 24th Photo #25
The man in charge of Security, don't mess with this guy!!
July 24th Photo #26
Interesting shot of the antenna on the ships bow
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Line Drawing of Big J

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