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July 12th Photo #11
What's Cooking in the Galley?
July 12th Photo #12
Serving up some of the best chow in the Navy here, right guys?
July 12th Photo #13
Ye Ole Barber Shop, I took a
stroll inside for a trim myself
July 12th Photo #14
Battleship Doc Artwork outside Sick Bay Area
July 12th Photo #15
Helmets at the ready at Battle Station
Areas throughout the ship
July 12th Photo #16
Message from crewmembers who decommissioned
Big J for the last time, this picture didn't turn
out as well as I had hoped though.
July 12th Photo #17
Main Battery Plot Rooms, serious stuff here!
July 12th Photo #18
Another view of Main Battery Plot Room
July 12th Photo #19
One more shot of the Plot Room, this area looked like it was still
on active duty, complete with rosters and memos posted on the
 bulkheads dating from the late 80s.  I almost expected to see a
 sailor walk through the hatch, everything is in such good condition!
July 12th Photo #20
A shot down Broadway near Engine Room #1, I think
July 12th Photo #21
Hatchway leading into machine shop area  
July 12th Photo #22
One more shot looking down Broadway, damn the
Navy did an outstanding job preserving this ship!!!
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