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June 30th Photo #26
The first view you get of Big J when you arrive as a volunteer
June 30th Photo #27
Closer view of ole 62, mighty impressive sight!
June 30th Photo #28
View of Port Side, note huge flag flying for 4th of July Celebration
June 30th Photo #29
Even closer view, beautiful and deadly all at the same time
June 30th Photo #30
All decked out for the 4th of July Celebration,
it was truly a great day for all in attendance!
June 30th Photo #31
Home Port Alliance's cookout tent, 
the Pig was awesome, great job guys!
June 30th Photo #32
Another side view early on the day of the cookout
June 30th Photo #33
The Home Port Alliance presented awards to volunteers and
others for their contributions in getting Big J ready for opening day
June 30th Photo #34
The scene that greeted everyone who boarded Big J that day
June 30th Photo #35
View of Fantail from above Turret #3.  Note that the 
SS United States is visible across the Delaware River
June 30th Photo #36
View of Turret #3 and rear deck area missing teak planking
June 30th Photo #37
Superstructure area in dire need of a fresh coat of Battleship Gray
June 30th Photo #38
View of 2nd Stack also in need of a paint job
June 30th Photo #39
Straight on shot of the Main Guns
June 30th Photo #40
Close-up of main guns, never get tired of seeing these puppies!!
June 30th Photo #41
Sun sets on Big J as everyone prepares for fireworks
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Line Drawing of Big J

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