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June 30th Photo #11
Chow line in the Galley, what's the cook's special today?
June 30th Photo #12
Picture of water damaged floor in Mess Hall,
much of the tile will be replaced.
June 30th Photo #13
Cooking equipment in the galley shinning and ready for duty!
June 30th Photo #14
Volunteer taking a call and relaxing in style! 
June 30th Photo #15
One of the Brass Team hard at work on the Bridge.
June 30th Photo #16
Control Station in Conning Tower, Ships Wheel to be reinstalled soon.
June 30th Photo #17
Alarm Buttons and view out Battleport of Conning Tower.
June 30th Photo #18
Close-up view of Control Station in Conning Tower.
June 30th Photo #19
Fred, another regular volunteer on Mondays
and his grandson on top of the Conning Tower.
June 30th Photo #20
The Flying Bridge, I had to work pretty hard to get up
this high, but the view was worth it though!
June 30th Photo #21
The aforementioned view from the Flying Bridge.
June 30th Photo #22
Tomahawk Missile Armored Box Launchers on the upper deck.
June 30th Photo #23
View inside Turret #3
June 30th Photo #24
Gunners Seat decorated with art in Turret #3
June 30th Photo #25
Open Breach of 16" gun in Turret #3
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