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April 30th Photo #31
Combat Engagement Center, that's a mannequin at the console
April 30th Photo #32
Combat Engagement Center Plotting Board and main Console
April 30th Photo #33
Volunteer works to restore connections cut when the Navy
removed sensitive pieces of equipment from this area of the ship
April 30th Photo #34
Missile Firing Consoles in Combat Engagement Center
April 30th Photo #35
View inside Turret #1, what an intense place to visit!
April 30th Photo #36
Another shot inside Turret #1
April 30th Photo #37
Hatchways visible lead to Gun Rooms in Turret #1
April 30th Photo #38
Inside the Gun Room, closed breech of one of the main guns
April 30th Photo #39
Sailor Art inside Turret #1 depicting the Grim Reaper
"Those who Oppose will Meet Me - Democracy At Any Cost"
April 30th Photo #40
More Sailor Art inside Turret #1
April 30th Photo 41
Sailor Art on ceiling of one of the 5" Mounts
April 30th Photo #42
Shot down the corridor on Deck 2 crew area
April 30th Photo #43
Some enlisted crew spaces have been freshly painted
and had new mattresses put in place to accommodate
 planned youth group sleepovers when the ship opens
April 30th Photo #44
Shot of common areas in Crew Spaces, ready for inspection!
April 30th Photo #45
Another shot of common areas
April 30th Photo #46
How the other half lives, Admiral's stateroom with private head
April 30th Photo #47
Officers Stateroom
April 30th Photo #48
Another picture of Officers Stateroom


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