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April 30th Photo #13
Mail Call guys, does this place look familiar?
April 30th Photo #14
The Ships Machine Shops have been reactivated and put to use
April 30th Photo #15
Much of the equipment looks brand new and ready to go
April 30th Photo #16
The volunteers are putting this shop equipment to good
use as they begin opening up interior spaces on the ship
April 30th Photo #17
View of the Ward Room, aka "Officer Country"
April 30th Photo #18
Volunteers mopping and buffing the Wardroom floors
April 30th Photo #19
This is the Bridge, not sure who that seat belongs to
April 30th Photo #20
Another view of the Bridge, Conning Tower wall is to the right
April 30th Photo #21
View out the Bridge front windows over those big guns
April 30th Photo #22
Steel access door to Armored Conning Tower on the Bridge level
April 30th Photo #23
Ships Control Station inside Armored Conning Tower, quite impressive!
April 30th Photo #24
Plot Room, like everywhere else I've seen so far, in excellent shape!
April 30th Photo #25
Ships Communication Area, not sure what this equipment is though
April 30th Photo #26
Teletype equipment in the Communications area, looks like new!
April 30th Photo #27
A shot down Broadway in the vicinity of #3 Fireroom 
April 30th Photo #28
Equipment and gauges along Broadway, nothing out of place here
April 30th Photo #29
#3 Fireroom, had to take a quick peek inside... 
April 30th Photo #30
A view of the Boiler in #3 Fireroom, tight spaces in there!
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