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June 3 - 4, 1968 - On June 3rd USS New Jersey anchored on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal at Cristobal, preparing to make her 7th transit of the Canal.  The actual transit began at 0500 hrs. on the 4th and took 12 hours.

The Canal was originally designed with a width of 110', but rubber fenders installed after the Korean War narrowed the locks to just 108' 2", one inch less than New Jersey's beam.  Fortunately the fenders were resilient, but it was a tight squeeze. The transit was made without incident and at 1700 hrs. on the 4th the ship moored at Pier 15, Balboa, for an evening of liberty before getting underway for Long Beach the next day.

June 6, 1944 - D-Day, the Allied invasion of Fortress Europe across the English Channel.  The beginning of the end of the war in Europe.

June 7, 1954 - The only time all 4 Iowa Class Battleships were photographed operating together as Battleship Division Two.  Click Here to view this official Navy photo

June 11, 1968 - USS New Jersey, now the world's only active Battleship, arrived at her new home port of Long Beach, CA.

June 19 - 20, 1944 - USS New Jersey and other ships provided a protective screen around the carriers as American and Japanese pilots dueled in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.  These two days pronounced the doom of Japanese naval aviation; in this "Marianas Turkey Shoot," the Japanese lost 400 planes.  This loss of trained pilots and aircraft was equaled in disaster by the sinking of 3 Japanese carriers by submarines and aircraft, and the damaging of 2 carriers and a battleship.  The anti-aircraft fire of New Jersey and the other screening ships proved virtually impenetrable.  Only 2 American ships were damaged, and those only slightly.  In this overwhelming victory just 17 American planes were lost to combat.

June 24, 1953 - USS New Jersey carried out a day-long bombardment of Wonsan, aimed at gun emplacements in caves.  The results were excellent, with eight direct hits on three caves, one cave demolished, and four others closed.

June 25, 1950 - North Korean troops cross the 38th Parallel triggering the start of the Korean War.

June 30, 1948 - USS New Jersey was decommissioned at Bayonne, NJ and assigned to the New York Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet.

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* * Current Status and General Information about the Ship * *

Welcome to the Online Home Port of the Battleship New Jersey.  The USS New Jersey completed her Final Voyage home from Bremerton, WA to the former Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard, arriving appropriately enough, on Veteran's Day 1999.  The Navy's decision of where to permanently berth the Battleship was announced on January 20, 2000, and the winner was... Camden!!!  On July 27, 2000 she was moved to the South Jersey Port Corporation's Beckett Street Terminal, where she remained for about 2 weeks.  While there she was opened to the public for Deck Tours on August 9th & 10th, and drew an estimated 11,000 visitors.  She was moved again on August 15, 2000 to another dock, the Broadway Terminal, where she underwent a year long, $7.3 Million restoration.  Finally, on September 23, 2001 she was moved to her new permanent home on the Camden waterfront.  She was officially opened to the public for tours on October 15, 2001.

This site contains lots of information about the USS New Jersey, the Navy's most decorated Battleship, including the Ships History, Battle Record, and Iowa Class Statistics.  It also contains information about how you can help with her ongoing restoration and operation and also fund the construction of a permanent onshore museum.  If you are a New Jersey Resident there are several easy ways you can help and there are also other ways everyone can help.  I myself belong to the the Home Port Alliance, they are the organization that currently has control of the ship and have opened her as a Museum on the Delaware River.  Another organization that worked a long time to bring Big J home is the Battleship New Jersey Historical  Society.  These two organizations worked hard to bring the Navy's most decorated warship home to the state she was named for, and I'm proud to be a small part of their efforts.

If you're interested in reviewing Photos and entries from a Daily Journal kept during the ships final trip home, click on the Final Voyage button.  The Photo Gallery contains photos taken during the ships 4 different active duty periods and an extensive collection of pictures chronicling her final voyage home to New Jersey.  It also contains hundreds of photos taken by me over the past 12+ years showing the ships complete restoration, grand opening to the public and ongoing operations.  If you want to see a picture of a certain area of the ship, chances are you'll find it in the Photo Gallery, and if not, send me an e-mail and describe the area, and I'll take some for you the next time I'm onboard.

Feel free to send me any Comments or Suggestions you may have about this site, I value your input.  If you're interested in visiting websites for other Battleships, other Warships or Naval related sites be sure to check out the extensive Related Links list I compiled while researching for this site.  The list contains links to sites for well over 400 warships and many other Navy related sites.

I encourage you to get involved and help this great cause if you can.  You can join the Home Port Alliance for as little as $45.00 per year or you can help in numerous other ways.  For more information about how you can help, click on the You Can Help button.  Even purchasing items from the Home Port Alliance's Ship's Store helps the cause, and the Hats, Shirts and other items there are very nice.  Buy an official USS New Jersey Hat, a T-Shirt or a Golf Shirt and wear it with pride knowing a portion of its purchase price went to help restore and maintain the Battleship.  I thank you in advance for any help you can provide to this effort.   Don't forget to stop by and sign the Ships Log before you leave.  There are hundreds of entries in the Ships Log, many are from former crewmen looking for old shipmates.  Check out the Log Entries and see if you can hook up with an old buddy.  If you too are trying to get in touch with old shipmates, click on the Crew Info button for some helpful hints to get you started on your way.

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